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'qle' is a  QSO  Logger and log  Editor for amateur radio operators who use the Linux operating system. Written for my personal use in rag-chewing, DX-ing and casual contesting, 'qle' has logged 40000+ QSOs over the years.

Features of 'qle' are:

What 'qle' does not do:

The 'qle' program relies on support software (Perl, Perl/Tk, Perl-DBI, SQLite3-DBD, SQLite3 etc), installable from your package manager. The support software needs to be present before the program will run.

All of this requires a bit of work by the user who needs to figure out package names - they vary between distros - with help from the package manager. Once support packages are in place, there is no need to compile anything; the program will run. Check out the README file as well as the ChangeLog inside the archive for further info.

To download and install:

To install, copy the .tar.gz archive file to your home directory and extract with:'tar xvzf <filename>'. This produces a directory called 'qle-<version>'. Change to this directory and follow the install instructions in the README file.

Previous, stable releases of 'qle 'can be found here

Hacked versions of winkeydaemon that work with my 'USB lite' K1EL winkeyer are there

Go here for the original PA0R version of winkeydaemon.

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